The Human Difference?

The Ian Ramsey Centre for Science and Religion organizes an interesting conference next summer. You can read about the conference theme below, with a link to the conference page.

2015 IRC Conference, Oxford, 22-25 July

Is a human being little more than an animal, or little less than a god? Do human and non-human animals differ in degree or in kind? Humans often name themselves with Latin binomials—homo sapienseconomicusscientificussocialismoralis, or liturgicus—are any or all of these terms compelling? Or are they adequate to capture the complexity of our self-understanding in a post-Darwinian world? By what kind of processes or events did species differences arise? Is it sufficient to say that, courtesy of our distinctive biology, we have come in part to escape our biology? How does the question of species change our understanding of religion—in humans and other animals? Is the term ‘person’ just a label for a human being, or is it, too, troubled by the Darwinian revolution? Is the human capacity for moral choice and a bent towards ‘evil’ distinctive to our species? The 2015 Conference “The Human Difference?” will bring experts together from anthropology, biology, philosophy, psychology, and theology, to present and debate the implications of recent research.

Plenary speakers will include Merlin Donald, Alister McGrath, Anna Peterson, Barbara King, Barbara Smuts, and Raymond Tallis

More info and call for papers (deadline: Tuesday 14th April, 2015).