PhD Scholarship on Philip Hefner’s Theology

Philip Hefner has contributed enormously to the dialogue between religion and science. There is still much to learn about the implications for systematic theology of his notion of ‘created co-creator’, developed fully in ‘The Human Factor‘. The School of Theological Studies at the University of Tartu supports research on Philip… Read more“PhD Scholarship on Philip Hefner’s Theology”

SSTh 3

The Concept of Nature in Science and Theology (part 1), eds. Niels H. Gregersen, Michael W.S. Parsons, Christoph Wassermann. Geneva: Labor et Fides, 1997. x + 234 pp. ISBN 2830908597. SFr. 29.
With 21 essays on the concept of nature (E. Agazzi and others), theology of nature (e.g. Wolfhart Pannenberg, Robert… Read more“SSTh 3”