SSTh 5

The Interplay Between Scientific and Theological Worldviews (part 1), eds. Niels H. Gregersen, Ulf Görman, Christoph Wassermann. Geneva: Labor et Fides, 1999. x + 286 pp. ISBN 28309 09151. SFr. 35.
The themes treated in this volume are physics and theology (by Joseph Zycinski and others), biology and theology (e.g. Ernan… Read more“SSTh 5”

SSTh 2

Origins, Time and Complexity (part 2), eds. G.V. Coyne S.J., Karl Schmitz-Moormann and Christoph Wassermann. Geneva: Labor et Fides, 1994. xii + 318 pp. ISBN 2 83090743 4. SFr. 34
 – The 46 essays in this volume deal with issues at the border between physics and philosophy (origins of time… Read more“SSTh 2”

IST Volume 1

The Human Person in Science and Theology, eds Niels Henrik Gregersen, Willem B Drees and Ulf Görman, Edinburgh: T&T Clark, 2000. 211 p, ISBN 0 567 08692 5. The nine essays deals with the bio-cultural paradigm of personhood, supervenience, mind and culture: Niels Henrik Gregersen: Varieties of personhood: mapping the issues…. Read more“IST Volume 1”