2014 ESSSAT Prizes

The ESSSAT Research Prize for 2014 has been awarded to Dr. Patricia Bennett for her dissertation Relationality and Health: A Transversal Neurotheological Account of the Pathways linking Social Connection, Immune Function, and Health Outcomes. With this original study, Bennett earned a doctorate in theology from Oxford Brookes University, UK. Bennett’s… Read more“2014 ESSSAT Prizes”

ESSSAT News 8:1

ESSSAT-NEWS 8:1 (April 1998) a selection NEWS from ESSSAT ESSSAT General Assembly – 
One event clearly constitutes an end to the first period of ESSSAT, namely the sudden death on October 31 1996 of Karl Schmitz-Moormann, our first and honorary president. Ulf Görman invites Arthur Peacocke and James Salmon to share… Read more“ESSSAT News 8:1”

2006 ESSSAT Prizes

The ESSSAT Research Prize 2006 is awarded to Anne Runehov from Uppsala, Sweden, for her work Sacred or Neural? Neuroscientific Explanations of Religious Experience: A Philosophical Evaluation. This dissertation was defended at Uppsala University. In dealing with neuroscientific explanations of religious experience, Runehov has addressed a topic that is both… Read more“2006 ESSSAT Prizes”