Humanity, the World and God. Yearbook of the European Society for the Study of Science and Theology 2007-2008, eds. Willem B. Drees, Hubert Meisinger, Taede A. Smedes. Lund: Lund University 2008, ISBN 978-91-975249-5-7.
Price: 15 euro per volume. Contributors are M.B. Altaie, W. Richard Bowen, James Byrne, Peter Colyer, Willem B. Drees,… Read more“SSTH 11”

SSTh 3

The Concept of Nature in Science and Theology (part 1), eds. Niels H. Gregersen, Michael W.S. Parsons, Christoph Wassermann. Geneva: Labor et Fides, 1997. x + 234 pp. ISBN 2830908597. SFr. 29.
With 21 essays on the concept of nature (E. Agazzi and others), theology of nature (e.g. Wolfhart Pannenberg, Robert… Read more“SSTh 3”