ESSSAT-News 10:1-2

March 2000 NEWS from ESSSAT New treasurer After six years, Charlotte Methuen has left office as ESSSAT treasurer and membership secretary. ESSSAT is indebted to her for her efforts in creating a good system for handling a variety of accounts, currencies and monetary systems. As new treasurer from January 1,… Read more“ESSSAT-News 10:1-2”

ESSSAT-News 9:2

From ESSSAT-News 9:2 (September 1999) Dear ESSSAT-members, in this issue you will find news from the council meeting and the meeting of the organising committee for ECST VIII in Lyon. You will read about main speakers and learn about seven 100,000$ projects in our field. And as usual, there is… Read more“ESSSAT-News 9:2”

ESSSAT News 9:1

ESSSAT News 9:1 (May 1999) – a selection Dear ESSSAT-members, I have now taken over the editorial responsibility for ESSSAT-News from Willem B. Drees. With enthusiasm, skill and competence Wim Drees has developed the original small Newsletter into something much more comprehensive and informative. ESSSAT owes him much gratitude for… Read more“ESSSAT News 9:1”

ESSSAT News 8:3

ESSSAT-News 8:3 (December 1998) a selection Dear ESSSAT-members, With this issue I pass on the editorial responsibility for ESSSAT News to Antje Jackelén, who is also the general secretary of ESSSAT. It has been very stimulating for me to collect information and pass it on in a manageable form. I… Read more“ESSSAT News 8:3”