ESSSAT News 9:1

ESSSAT News 9:1 (May 1999) – a selection Dear ESSSAT-members, I have now taken over the editorial responsibility for ESSSAT-News from Willem B. Drees. With enthusiasm, skill and competence Wim Drees has developed the original small Newsletter into something much more comprehensive and informative. ESSSAT owes him much gratitude for… Read more“ESSSAT News 9:1”

SSTh 3

The Concept of Nature in Science and Theology (part 1), eds. Niels H. Gregersen, Michael W.S. Parsons, Christoph Wassermann. Geneva: Labor et Fides, 1997. x + 234 pp. ISBN 2830908597. SFr. 29.
With 21 essays on the concept of nature (E. Agazzi and others), theology of nature (e.g. Wolfhart Pannenberg, Robert… Read more“SSTh 3”

SSTh 1

Origins, Time and Complexity (part 1), eds. G.V. Coyne S.J., Karl Schmitz-Moormann and Christoph Wassermann. Geneva: Labor et Fides, 1994. v + 179 pp. ISBN 2893090742 6. SFr. 32. This volume deals with complexity and self-organization (F.T. Arecchi, G. del Re, J. Puddefoot) and time (G. Basti, A. Perrone, J.-Cl…. Read more“SSTh 1”

ESSSAT News 8:1

ESSSAT-NEWS 8:1 (April 1998) a selection NEWS from ESSSAT ESSSAT General Assembly – 
One event clearly constitutes an end to the first period of ESSSAT, namely the sudden death on October 31 1996 of Karl Schmitz-Moormann, our first and honorary president. Ulf Görman invites Arthur Peacocke and James Salmon to share… Read more“ESSSAT News 8:1”