Who Can Become Member of ESSSAT?

ESSSAT is a scholarly organization. Membership in ESSSAT is open:

  • to all who work in academic fields relevant to the aims of the society, such as theologians, scientists, philosophers and historians.
  • to members of all denominations and faiths as well as to non-believers and atheists.

Decisions on admission to membership are made by the ESSSAT Council, which has delegated this authority to the president, secretary and membership-secretary.

Benefits for Members

  • an early announcement of the European Conferences, and may participate at a reduced fee
  • a copy of each volume of the yearly ESSSAT publications
  • the quarterly ESSSAT-News, which informs members of activities of the society and of other organizations in Europe and of current books.

Membership Fees

  • Personal Members €70 per year.
  • Student Member €35 per year.
  • Central European Member €40 per year .
  • Eastern European Member €20 per year .
  • Voluntary Society €140 per year.
  • Public and International Institutions €280 per year.

How to Apply for Membership

Please fill out the registration form below and send it to our registration officer.

You can choose either the Word-file: m_form_2009-11-01, or the PDF: m_form_2009-11-01.