IST Volume 6

How Do We Know? Understanding in Science and Theology

Dirk Evers, Antje Jackelén, Taede A. Smedes (eds.), London: T&T Clark, 2010, ISBN: 9780567132659 (paperback). The book contains fourteen essays, with a preface by Dirk Evers:

  • Peter Gärdenfors, The role of understanding in human nature·
  • Lewis Wolpert, The Origins of Science and Religion
  • Mikael Stenmark, From Positivist to Postmodern Conceptions of Knowledge
  • Håkan Snellmann, The Scientific Project: knowledge without meaning?
  • Rebekka Klein, How do we know about the Self: Theoretical, Experimental, and· Neural?
  • Noreen Herzfeld, ‘The End of Faith’? Theology as Process
  • Antje Jackelén, Faith, Science and Postmodernity
  • Eva-Lotta Grantén The role of scientific knowledge for theological change – a case study from original sin
  • Richard Bowen, Self, Knowledge and Faith: An approach to constructive dialogue in science and religion
  • Willem B. Drees, The Multiplicity of Purposes of ‘Religion and Science’
  • Peter Kirschenmann, Towards Understanding ‘Understanding’ in Science and Theology
  • David Goodin, On First Principles: Arthur Schopenhauer and Bridging the Science/ Religion Divide
  • Marie Vejrup Nielsen, Knowing through narratives? Narrative understanding and the separation between the narrative and non-narrative
  • John Teske, ‘Let Me Tell You a Story’: Narrative and Meaning in Science and Religion