IST Volume 6 – How Do We Know? Understanding in Science and Theology

How Do We Know? Understanding in Science and Theology
Dirk Evers, Antje Jackelén, Taede A. Smedes (eds.), London: T&T Clark, 2010, ISBN: 9780567132659 (paperback). The book contains fourteen essays, with a preface by Dirk Evers:
Peter Gärdenfors, The role of understanding in human nature·
Lewis Wolpert, The Origins of Science and Religion
Mikael Stenmark, From Positivist to Postmodern Conceptions of Knowledge
Håkan Snellmann, The Scientific Project: knowledge without meaning?
Rebekka Klein, How do we know about the Self: Theoretical, Experimental, and· Neural?
Noreen Herzfeld, ‘The End of Faith’? Theology as Process
Antje Jackelén, Faith, Science and Postmodernity
Eva-Lotta Grantén The role of scientific knowledge for theological change – a case study from original sin
Richard Bowen, Self, Knowledge and Faith: An approach to constructive dialogue in science and religion
Willem B. Drees, The Multiplicity of Purposes of ‘Religion and Science’
Peter Kirschenmann, Towards Understanding ‘Understanding’ in Science and Theology
David Goodin, On First Principles: Arthur Schopenhauer and Bridging the Science/ Religion Divide
Marie Vejrup Nielsen, Knowing through narratives? Narrative understanding and the separation between the narrative and non-narrative
John Teske, ‘Let Me Tell You a Story’: Narrative and Meaning in Science and Religion