IST Volume 5

Creation’s Diversity. Voices from Theology and Science, Willem B. Drees, Hubert Meisinger, Taede A. Smedes (eds.), London: T&T Clark, 2008, ISBN: 9780567033284 (hardback) and 9780567033291 (paperback). The book contains fourteen essays, with a preface by Willem B. Drees:

  • Willem B. Drees, Creation’s diversity: Voices from theology and science
  • Daniel Ciobotea, Rationality and mystery in the Universe
  • Anna Primavesi, Geohistory, Gaia science and an ecological theology·
  • Regina Kather, Humans as part of nature: The concept of life and the temporal implications of actions·
  • David K. Goodin, The noble Leviathan and the twisted serpent: An Eastern Orthodox perspective on the ecological message of Genesis, Job, and Isaiah
  • Christopher C.B. Southgate, The Creatures’ Yes and No to their creator: A proposal in evolutionary theology, kenotic trinitarianism, and environmental ethics
  • Alfred Kracher, The diversity of environments: Nature and technology as competing myths
  • Tony Watling, New cosmologies and sacred stories: Re-imagining the human-environment relationship via religio-scientific metaphor and myth
  • R.J. Berry, Sustaining diversity or developing sustainably
  • Jan J. Boersema, How green is progress?
  • Chris Wiltsher, Is sustaining diversity theologically virtuous?
  • Peter P. Kirschenmann, Sustaining diversity: From science and morality to religion – or just economy?
  • Zbigniew Liana, Objectivity, truth and diversity in science and religion
  • Dirk Evers, Sustaining diversity: Religious pluralism and the challenge for theology