IST Volume 4

Wisdom or Knowledge? Science, Theology and Cultural Dynamics, Hubert Meisinger, Willem B. Drees, Zbigniew Liana (eds.), London: T&T Clark, 2006, ISBN: 0567030887 (hardback) and 0567031004 (paperback). The book contains ten essays, with an introduction by Hubert Meisinger:

  • Hubert Meisinger, Introduction – Mapping the Issues
  • Dirk Evers, Progress in Science and Theology
  • Mariano Artigas, The Reliability of Science and its Cultural Impact
  • Chris Wiltsher, ‘Don’t drink from that dirty stream!’ The Decline of Science and Theology as Source of Wisdom in Europe
  • Peter Harrison, Disjoining Wisdom and Knowledge: Science, Theology and the Making of Western Modernity
  • Alexei V. Nesteruk, Wisdom through Communion and Personhood: From Patristic Theology to Contemporary Science
  • Lucio Florio, Walking on Hermeneutic Territory. The Horizons of Sense for a Pilgrim
  • Celia Deane-Drummond, Where Streams Meet? Ecology, Wisdom and Beauty in Bulgakov, Von Balthasar and Aquinas
  • Michael Fuller, Biotechnology and Ethics: A Locus for the Reintegration of Science and Wisdom?
  • Antje Jackelén, Food Safety and Food Justice: Impacts of Scientific and Religious Cultures
  • Walther Ch. Zimmerli, To Know is to Make: Knowledge, Ignorance and Belief in a Technological Society