IST Volume 2

Design and Disorder: Perspectives from Science and Theology, eds. Niels Henrik Gregersen, Ulf Görman. Edinburgh: T&T Clark, 2002. xv + 232 pp. ISBN 0567088685. Eight essays deal with various aspects of design, order and disorder from scientific and theological perspectives, with an introduction by Ulf Görman:

  • John D. Barrow, How Chaos Coexists with Order
  • John Hedley Brooke, Revisiting Darwin on Order and Design
  • Niels Henrik Gregersen, Beyond the Balance: Theology in a Self-Organizing World
  • John C. Puddefoot, Landscapes of Human Discourse
  • Isabelle Stengers, Science and Religion: Beyond Complementarity?
  • Christoph Theobald, SJ, On Finality in Creation Theology: Epistemological and Theological Considerations
  • Alexei Nesteruk, Design in the Universe and the Logos of Creation: Patristic Synthesis and Modern Cosmology
  • Willem B. Drees, Disorder and the Ambitions of ‘Science and Theology’