IST Volume 1

The Human Person in Science and Theology, eds Niels Henrik Gregersen, Willem B Drees and Ulf Görman, Edinburgh: T&T Clark, 2000. 211 p, ISBN 0 567 08692 5. The nine essays deals with the bio-cultural paradigm of personhood, supervenience, mind and culture:

  • Niels Henrik Gregersen: Varieties of personhood: mapping the issues.
  • Mary Midgley: Consciousness, fatalism and science.
  • Fraser Watts: The multifaceted nature of human personhood: psychological and theological perspectives.
  • Hugo Lagercrantz: The child´s brain — on neurogenetic determinism and free will.
  • Philip Hefner: Imago Dei: the possibility and necessity of the human person.
  • Michael Welker: Is the autonomous person of European modernity a sustainable model of human personhood?
  • Dennis Bielfeldt: The peril and promise of supervenience for the science-thology discussion.
  • Niels Henrik Gregersen: God´s public traffic: holist versus physicalist supervenience.
  • John A Teske: the social construction of the human spirit.

Studies in Science and Theology (SSTh) are books published for the European Society for the Study of Science and Theology (ESSSAT). Studies in Science and Theology (SSTh) bring together scholarly contributions on the interaction between science and religion.