ESSSAT Prizes 2016-2017

No ESSSAT Research Prize for 2016 has been awarded. We encourage submissions of original contributions at a postgraduate or doctoral level for 2018.

The ESSSAT Student Prize for 2016 has been awarded twice, to Sarah Lane Ritchie (Ph.D. Candidate in Science and Religion, University of Edinburgh) for her MSc programme in Science and Religion dissertation “Neuroplasticity and Religious Belief: To what extent and by what means might an individual be said to “choose” belief in God?”.  The second ESSSAT Student Prize for 2016 has been awarded to Melanie McConnell (MSc Science and Religion, student, The University of Edinburgh) for her paper “Does the imago Dei Require Homo sapiens?: Theological anthropology and the transhumanist future of humankind”.

Once more, students from the Science and Religion programme at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, have been awarded with the student prizes!

The jury for the prize consisted of scholars from Sweden and Estonia, Prof. Dr. Anne Kull was the chair.

The ESSSAT Student Prizes 2016 were self-sponsored by ESSSAT.  They consisted of 1000 euro each, together with the costs of travel to and participation in the 16th European Conference on Science and Theology, which was held in Łódź, Poland, 2016. The ESSSAT Student Prizes were presented during the conference. See also our earlier report on the ESSSAT Facebook-page.