Crowdfunding for Theology: Participate in Catholicism & Ecology Book Project

We would like to bring this crowdfunding project for a book on theology to your attention. All ESSSAT members are encouraged to support this, either by donating or by sharing this in their network.

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The Jean Bastaire Chair is launching a participatory finance campaign in order to advance its research work.

We are presently working on a project involving the writing of a book entitled Catholicisme et écologie (Catholicism and Ecology) to be published by Labor et Fides, aimed at highlighting what in the Catholic tradition can inspire Christians in order to help them to respond to their vocation of being good stewards of the Common Home, according to the words of Pope Francis and the intuition of Jean Bastaire.

Our financial project can be found on this Fund by U page of the Lyon Catholic University platform.

You can become partners for our research by making a tax-deductible gift on this platform, gaining benefits in return that I will let you discover.

You can also help us by spreading this information in your own networks: this is even the primary means of assistance that you can give us, so I invite you to make use of it!

You can follow updates on the campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and on our website.

Looking forward to hearing from you during this campaign,

Fabien REVOL | Holder of the Jean Bastaire Chair for a Christian vision of integral ecology Theology, ethics and spirituality