2014 ESSSAT Prizes

The ESSSAT Research Prize for 2014 has been awarded to Dr. Patricia Bennett for her dissertation Relationality and Health: A Transversal Neurotheological Account of the Pathways linking Social Connection, Immune Function, and Health Outcomes. With this original study, Bennett earned a doctorate in theology from Oxford Brookes University, UK. Bennett’s… Read more“2014 ESSSAT Prizes”

2006 ESSSAT Prizes

The ESSSAT Research Prize 2006 is awarded to Anne Runehov from Uppsala, Sweden, for her work Sacred or Neural? Neuroscientific Explanations of Religious Experience: A Philosophical Evaluation. This dissertation was defended at Uppsala University. In dealing with neuroscientific explanations of religious experience, Runehov has addressed a topic that is both… Read more“2006 ESSSAT Prizes”