2008 ESSSAT Prizes

The ESSSAT Research Prize 2008 has been awarded to dr. Astrid Dinter for a study on the computer as a catalyst in the identity formation of adolescents, published as Adoleszenz und Computer: Vom Bildungsprozessen und religiöser Valenz (Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2007). This study served as her Habilitationsschrift (advanced dissertation) at the Johan Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany. She is currently professor of Protestant Theology and Pedagogy of Religion at the Pedagogische Hochschule Weingarten. In dealing with the role of the computer in the lives of young people, the work is very relevant form our time. The analysis by Astrid Dinter is based on substantial field work and on knowledge of current theories regarding the formation of personal identities and socialization. Everyone involved in youth culture and religious education in the context of the modern world, will find in this study helpful insights and analysis. Thus, the jury unanimously chose this book as winner of the ESSSAT Research Prize. The Prize, sponsored by the Radboud Foundation, the Netherlands, consists of 2000 euro, as well as coverage of travel to and participation in the next European Conference on Science and Theology, to be held in Sigtuna, Sweden, April 30-May 5, 2008, where the winners of the prizes will be presented.

The ESSSAT Student Prize 2008 has been awarded to Fabien Revol, student at the Catholic University of Lyon. Revol has a master degree in biology (2002). The prize is awarded for the thesis which earned him the licentiate (equivalent to a master degree) in theology, cum laude, at the Catholic University of Lyon. The thesis dealt with the relationship between biological evolution and belief in divine creation. He focused in particular on the American Catholic theologian John Haught, whose book God After Darwin, reconciling Christian belief and the acceptance of evolution, has been a major presence in American debates on evolution. In his appreciative analysis of Haught’s book, Revol articulates some criticisms and offers an alternative reconciliation that might be more in line with biblical notions and traditional theology. The jury appreciated his grasp of issues in the relevant sciences as well as in theology, and his careful analysis and lucid writing on one of the most heated areas of ‘science and religion’ in our time. The ESSSAT Student Prize 2008 consists of 1000 euro and free travel to and participation in the ESSSAT Conference in Sweden later this year.

ESSSAT is the European Society for the Study of Science And Theology. ESSSAT organizes every other year a conference. The 2008 prizes will be presented at the Twelfth European Conference on Science and Theology, which will be held in Sigtuna, Sweden, April 30th – May 5th, 2008. The theme of the 2008 conference is How Do We Know? Understanding in Theology and Science. Participants and contributors are scientists, theologians, scholars of religion, philosophers, historians and other scholars from different religious and non-religious persuasions, from almost all European countries as well as from other continents.

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