2000 ESSSAT Prizes

In 2000 two ESSSAT Prizes were awarded. One was given to Dr. Dominique Lambert for the book Sciences et théologie : Les figures d’un dialogue, (Bruxelles/ Namur: Lessius/ Presses universitaires de Namur, 2000). The study of Dominique Lambert represents a creative engagement between the formal natural sciences and theology of creation within the Catholic tradition. The study concentrates on specific philosophical traditions, in which it exposes and avoids conventional models of both conflict and inherent harmony between science and theology. A model of dialogue based on articulation is presented. The subject is treated in depth and with great originality.

The other prize was given to Mr Thomas Dixon for the study Theology, Anti-Theology and Atheology: From Christian Passions to Scientific Emotions. Dixons defended in 2000 also his dissertation at Cambridge University; this one was titled ‘From passions and affections to emotions: a case study in Christian and scientific psychologies, 1704-1903’). The paper by Mr Thomas Dixon presents an exciting excavation of the theological history behind present understandings of emotion in the behavioural sciences. He includes a sharp analysis of the issues raised by this for the relations between science and theology. His study represents a welcome extension of the range of sciences included in studies of science and theology.