1996 ESSSAT Prize

In 1996 the ESSSAT prize was awarded to Dr. Hubert Meisinger for his study Liebesgebot und Altruismusforschung. Ein exegetischer Beitrag zum Dialog zwischen Theologie und Naturwissenschaft, subsequently published in Göttingen by Vandenhoeck und Ruprecht in the series Novum Testamentum et orbis antiquus.

The study of Dr. Meisinger focuses on the problem of altruism, which is much discussed today in connection with theories in behavioural ecology (or sociobiology). The author gives a contribution to this discussion by investigating the idea of altruism both in the biblical account and in modern sociobiology, and by relating these two approaches to each other. His work constitutes a new and fruitful combination of exegetics, theology and natural sciences.